Friars Dribble Their Way to Success


Photo Courtesy of Girls Basketball on Twitter

The Fenwick Girls’ Basketball team has high expectations for their 2018-2019 season, and so far, they are exceeding them.

The girls want to continue to keep their reputation as a powerhouse in basketball, according to senior Mary Kate Kapsch. “We won’t back down. This year, we’re hitting the gym even harder and making our team the strongest it has ever been.”

They are looking to bring back the success and skill they had last year, and they are counting on their impressive teamwork and leadership to help them achieve their goals this season.

Coaches Dave Power, Erin Power, and Dale Heidloff add fuel to the girl’s fire, so they perform aggressively yet respectfully on the court.
The team carries star players from each grade, as freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors all contribute to the team’s constant success.

For example, the 3-2 Friars recently took the W against Bogan, nearly doubling their opponent’s score, which could not have been accomplished without their extraordinary ability to work together.

“The captains stress the importance of a unified team,” says Kapsch. “On the team, there are no freshman or sophomores, juniors or seniors–there are players, and everyone relies on everyone else.”

The girls are not known for big bodies on their squad, but they are rather known to be short, quick, and scrappy ball players.

But don’t underestimate them by thier size; they utilize their untraditional resources as a singular system, and their talent is therefore heightened in their own unique way.

In defense to this strategy, Senior point guard Gianni Ortiz speaks on behalf of the team as she says, “Don’t let our height distract from the energy and strength we bring to the court.”

This energy makes the Friar basketball team an unstoppable unit of fury as the scurry up and down the court.

The girls are proud of their ability to surprise their opponents with their speed and agility.

“We may not match in physical size, but we’re always training to be the quickest,” said Kapsch.

Each open gym, practice, and game, not only makes the girls a more cohesive team, and more competitive when facing and defeating their opponents, but also brings them closer together off of the court.

The team is a close knit group, and they all enjoy hanging out as a team.

“It’s cliché to say, but these girls are more than just a team. Over the years we’ve spent on the court together, we’ve become best friends,” said Kapsch.

The Fenwick Girls basketball season is just beginning, and there is so much more future success to come.

The girls love a big, rowdy student section, so lets Friar up and support girls basketball!

“I, for one, definitely do better with a large audience, so come on out and support us!” says Kapsch.

The girls hope to see everyone come see them dribble their way towards state!