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Shield to the Rescue: Upperclassmen Mentor Class of 2024

Maria Romero

October 19, 2020

     Last year, Fenwick announced the creation of the Shield program to help our incoming Freshmen grow closer as a class and become familiar with the school. As a part of the program, juniors and seniors help new students be...

An Unstoppable Force: Alumna Continues On the Road to Tokyo 2020

Katherine Casagrande

October 17, 2019

     At 16 years old, in her sophomore year, Mary Kate Callahan never expected to be sitting in depositions and meeting with lawyers. She couldn’t have imagined hearing an adult say to her face that disabled athletes don...

Two Seniors Dive into STEM Internships

Eva Homberger

October 17, 2019

  Most students agree that summer provides a much-needed break from study, work and academics. However seniors Manny Camacho and Kayla Romero took advantage of it not by relaxing, but by participating in enriching STEM internships. ...

Going to the Back to the Basics: Why one senior decided that social media had to go

Susan Zeh

March 19, 2019

Most of us probably don't think much about our social media usage. Social media is simply a part of our lives: a way to connect with our friends and pass the time when we’re bored. But just because it's part of our lives doesn't...

Grandparents’ Day Brings Families Together

Miles Wildermuth

October 31, 2018

On October 10th, Fenwick students and their grandparents gathered in the auditorium for Grandparents’’ Day. On this day, students and grandparents share in a special mass, giving them the opportunity to grow closer to one ano...

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