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House Vote Furthers Impeachment Inquiry

Fiona Sarvis

December 1, 2019

Since President Trump was elected, a portion of our United States population has longed for impeachment. Trump has suffered many accusations, but none have fully come to fruition. This past September, one accusation unfolded,...

Extended CPS Strike Ends

Ava Saunders

December 1, 2019

From October 17 to October 31, Chicago Public Schools were not in session. The teachers have been on strike, demanding better quality schools. They are a part of the longest teacher strike in a decade. “They’re fighting for...

Gun Control Legislation Raises Controversy

Julia Sawascuik

October 17, 2019

      This summer, from June 8 to September 3, America witnessed nine mass shootings. As stated by ABC News, “​The total number of deadly mass shootings in the United States in 2019 comes out to an average of one every ...

China as Superpower Soon to Surpass the U.S.

Colin Wright

October 17, 2019

     The United States of America has long been a beacon of freedom and economic prosperity for the rest of the globe. However, events in the past weeks have started a discussion on whether the United States will continue...

Amazon Damage Goes Beyond Rainforest

Cari Norton

October 17, 2019

     The Amazon Rainforest has been burning for weeks now, and there is no end in sight. Many people do not realize how important this crisis is and that the Amazon Rainforest has a colossal effect on people all over the w...

Arrests at University of Arizona Reignite Debate Over Free Speech On College Campuses

Margaret Kassay

May 9, 2019

Public backlash has grown towards the United States Border Patrol in recent months as issues over migration at the U.S.-Mexico border—like the death of two Guatemalan children in ICE custody—slowly continue. Only sixty mil...

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