Is Four Days too Long for Lollapalooza Music Festival?

Although Lollapalooza is a crowd-pleasing event that provides great music for all, has four days become excessive? Indeed, Lollapalooza has remained successful after their switch to four days, but it seems that this change may not truly be a good idea.
Lollapalooza spreads out popular artists throughout each day, leading individuals to feel the need to buy a four day pass in order to see all of the top performers. Not only that, but they provide a mix of genres each day so that there is a consistency in audiences over the course of the weekend. Even though this provides a more well-rounded experience, it costs more for those who do not wish to pay for all four days. Before Lollapalooza rooted itself in Chicago, the event toured as an alternative music festival. Now, many alternative music fans are disappointed in the ever-changing lineups that have included country, pop, and other common forms of music.
If Lollapalooza is to remain a four-day festival, the event could do a better job of providing a fair experience to all. Many have left with serious injuries from Lollapalooza. It is not only important to look out for the health and safety of those attending, but doing so must take priority.
Overall, Lollapalooza is a popular music festival that provides a wonderful variety of talented artists. Hopefully, Lollapalooza will improve each year as an alternative music festival that seeks to exceed expectations and please the public.
Lollapalooza has been quite successful, yet it has developed few flaws over recent years. Although it remains one of the top music festivals in America, it must not take advantage of its audience.