Cursive, Outdated or Underutilized?

Cursive, a writing style some may consider to be outdated and ancient, has widely ceased being taught around the United States. But is this unique writing style beneficial to students who learn it? Or has it been outshined by other technology like the keyboard? This article will go over the benefits and disadvantages of learning cursive, and whether or not it should be reinstated into education or removed from it entirely.

The argument for the writing style’s revival is that cursive improves skills vital for students’ success. The National Education Association says, “ … learning cursive not only improves retention and comprehension, it engages the brain on a deep level as students learn to join letters in a continuous flow. It also enhances fine motor dexterity and gives children a better idea of how words work in combination.” Cursive benefits comprehensive and rententive abilities in students which are vital to a students ability to succeed in a learning environment.

The time it takes to learn cursive benefits the students learning it, but is the time better spent on learning core subjects?

People who argue against cursive’s revitalization say yes. The disadvantages of learning cursive, as said by Alpha Omega Publications, are that cursive takes time away from core subjects, it can be forgotten by students, and it can lead to sloppy illegible handwriting if written too quickly. Although the benefits of cursive are many, the time taken to learn it can lead to students struggling with more relevant subjects, and because cursive is usually written quickly, it can often lead to illegible handwriting.

Considering that handwriting is being widely replaced by typing, learning cursive appears to be meaningless in today’s society. Learning cursive does have benefits to young students learning it, but it may take time away from core subjects and stress those having to memorize cursive along with other details in school. For students who are up for the challenge, cursive is worth it to learn. However, for students who struggle with school already, it is better to stick with the keyboard.