Friar Consultation Column

This month’s questions answered by Citlalli Alaniz ‘24
Anonymous question submissions can be sent to:
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Q: Dear Friar Consultation Column — I do several sports throughout the year which
takes a lot of my time and I usually get home super late. My grades have been taking a
hit and I think I’m falling asleep in class way too much. I’ve been so unprepared for tests
recently. Should I stop doing sports? What should I do?!? — Tired

A: Dear Tired — Being a student athlete is hard, but it’s all about time management and
making use of your time. Have you been making use of your study halls? Study halls are
key, if you really make use of them they can be life savers as a student athlete. If not,
try to come early to school, go to the library, study there or do homework you couldn’t
finish the night before. If you can, work on the bus on the way to games. Also, you need
enough sleep, period! Trust me, the last thing you want to do is drink 2 cans of Red bull
for breakfast right before a Chem test after sleeping for 3 hours.

Prioritize sleep! Sleeping means more paying attention which means more learning which means less studying
which means more time. But, if you’re really overwhelmed, never be afraid to ask for an
extension. Teachers are usually understanding if you have a lot of things on your plate,
but communication is key. Sweet dreams Tired, get some sleep. — FCC

Q: Dear Friar Consultation Column — The March SAT is coming up and I’m freaking
out. I kind of haven’t been studying and I heard the SAT and standardized tests determine
everything. I desperately need to get a good score… my PSATs weren’t too good. I’m
nervous and stressed out, I want to get into a good college. What should I be doing? Am I
going to get into college? — Stressed Standardized Tester

A: Dear Stressed Standardized Tester — Calm down. It is all going to be alright. I
know the SAT is coming up and there are several myths surrounding it. Basically, no, it
does not determine everything, so don’t stress too much about it.

What I would recommend is getting tutoring for it if you haven’t already, if not I know there are a lot of free
tests and practices online you can take. Take your time, don’t study the day before like
you would for a normal test at school. I think you should start small and be consistent,
practice problems daily and use resources like Khan Academy, Sal Khan always comes
in clutch! I also recommend seeking the help of the college counselors and your own
counselor as well, they are your best resource at Fenwick! Don’t worry, you’ll do great!
Eat a good breakfast the morning of the test. Best of luck. — FCC


Q: Dear Friar Consultation Column — I really love writing, it’s always been my favorite hobby. I want to write at school but I’m not sure how. Are there any classes I could
take or activities I could do to write at school and not just for fun? — Future Author

A: Dear Future Author — There are so many writing opportunities at Fenwick that
you can benefit from. I think you would really enjoy Mrs. Gallinari’s creative writing
class. With course selections under way, consider selecting that class, if not, there are
also classes like AP English Language and Composition that would really help you out.
The Touchstone Magazine would also be great for submitting short stories or poems
you might have. But, I think the best way is to contribute to The Wick! Totally not being
biased or anything, it’s just a really great way to get involved in the Fenwick community
and also write about things that interest you or that are going on. Consider it! Might even
see you here in the advice column. Either way, don’t stop writing! — FCC