Math Team Crushes 2019-20 Competitions

While the 2020 ICTM State Math Finals have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Fenwick teams have celebrated strong successes in math competitions this year.

Throughout the school year, Fenwick Math Competition Club members have competed in numerous math competitions, including the Chicago Archdiocese Math Contest, Illinois Math League contests, Atlantic-Pacific Math League Contests and National Freshman Algebra League contests. 

On February 6, 240 Fenwick students completed the AMC-10 and AMC-12 competitions. Finley Huggins achieved the highest score among Fenwick students for the AMC-10. Likewise, Joe Zawacki earned the highest score in the AMC-12. Joe Zawacki, Michael Kapsch and Dan Castellano had scores qualifying them for the National A.I.M.E. contest.

On February 8, six Friars, comprising the school’s Archdiocese Math Team, competed against other Catholic high school students from around the Chicago area. Friars placed second, with individuals collectively placing third, Daniel Majcher placing, and Nate Crowell placing sixth.

On February 21, Fenwick’s State Math Team won first place at state regionals, hosted at Concordia University in River Forest. Junior Logan Maue earned a perfect score in the Algebra II event, making him the first Fenwick student to earn a perfect score in the school math team’s forty-year history. The Fenwick team is now ranked third in the state in Division 3AA. 

Mr. Finnell, Fenwick’s Mathematics department chair, reported, “Many students continue to compete in the monthly National Freshman Algebra League contests (100+ per contest), in the ATPAC National Math League contests (200+ per contest) and [in] the Illinois Math League contests (again 200+).” 

Jamon Graham ‘23 reflects on his math contest experience: “It’s really satisfying when you understand formulas and procedures to the point where you can use them to solve problems and equations.” Encouraging participants to enjoy the competitions, he added, “Don’t stress about it! It’s not stressful unless you make it out to be. It can actually be really fun to challenge yourself and see how well you do.” 

The Fenwick community wishes the Friars luck next year as they seek to build on this year’s successes.