Dear Class of 2021: A Reflection on Four Years

     It has been an amazing four years with all of you. This means a goodbye to lanyards that no one ever wore, a dress code that wasn’t really followed, and a goodbye to “Justice under God,” or in the case of this year, demerits. Throughout everything we’ve all been through, we’ve shown what it truly means to be Friars—from trying to cheer the loudest at the pep rallies, to expressing our favorite memories in the senior video, or watching in awe as one of our own was selected to throw a pie in Mr. Moland’s face. 

     Now our time as students comes close to ending, and soon we will become alumni. The people who pass through the hallway and reminisce on what Fenwick was like back in the day. The next step of our life will be here before we know it, but somehow I know that each and every one of my fellow Friars will go down a pathway that is right for them. Even though we are leaving Fenwick High School as students, we will always be a part of a community. When you say you attended Fenwick High School, someone will say, “I knew someone who went there,” and I believe I share the sentiment with my fellow seniors that this will be a happy moment. Because I will think back to the place that introduced me to the people who supported me, understood me and helped me. 

     Here’s to all the memories the Class of 2021 has made. And congratulations to all of my fellow seniors for your plans in the future. I wish you all the best of luck and that you’ll be happy in your next endeavors. It’s always a happy moment when one of your fellow Friars succeeds and everyone in our class has done that. Thank you for inspiring me every single day to be better, and for understanding that it wasn’t always easy to be better.