Oh Brother!

In the Church, there are a couple of different roles. One of the most unique positions in the Church is the Brother. And yet, do you know what they do?

The Brother’s role in the Church is hard to answer. The positions are different but similar to that of a nun, or a monk. This means that the Brothers observe a life of prayer and holiness. Fenwick High School is fortunate to have our own Dominican Brother Trout. Brother Trout describes his brotherhood, saying, “A Brother isn’t actually a role, it’s a way of life.” This describes it concisely. A brother is there to support and live a life of commitment to faith. Being a Brother in the Church is more than the role they fill during Mass or what Sacraments they give. It’s better described as a lifestyle where you devote your life fully to God and the connection you have with him and the Church.

Brother Trout described why Brothers are essential as the Church needs people who aren’t just useful but who want to live a life of love. A Brother is someone who has devoted their life to God, and love. He said, “The Church is doing well when it goes beyond usefulness, and when people are living a life because it’s good to praise the Lord.” This quote puts it best because it shows that being a Brother is simply about loving and praising God and putting that back into the world. Brothers are meant to focus on a life of prayer and a life that is good. They do this by devoting themselves to God and living life with only love.