Senior Girls Basketball Players Reflect on the Season After Senior Night

On February 9th, girl’s basketball held their senior night where they celebrated seniors Cam Brusca, Raina Ford, Bella Daley, Allie Heyer, and Melissa Modica. The girls have had a long four years at Fenwick and here’s how they felt about them. Cam Brusca says, “My time on the team was unforgettable. Since Freshman year we have bonded and that has since grown. The past 4 years have been better than ever imagined, everyone is so supportive and the coaches have always shown their enthusiasm throughout the season.” Raina Ford says, “This has to be the closest team I’ve ever been a part of over the past 4 years. Everyone’s so supportive of one another and are there when anyone needs anything. It’s a very selfless team.” Bella Daley says, “From my 4 years on Fenwick basketball I have made some of my favorite memories here.” Allie Heyer says, “My time on the team is an experience I’ll never forget. I made some amazing friends throughout my four years and so many memories from pasta parties, going to super-sectionals my junior year, and ending it with an amazing senior night!” Melissa Modica says, “What I will miss the most is the friendships I have made.. My time on the team was great. I was able to capture memories that will last a lifetime.”

While it is indeed sad to see our seniors leaving, we can only wish them the best of luck from here on out