Fenwick Dance Team Wraps Up Competitive Season

The final football game halftime comes to an end and the Poms Team takes one final bow for the season. Those in the stands say goodbye to the festivities until next year; the Poms team, however, is anticipating what is to come. Not only does the dance team perform at some basketball games, but they compete in a league against many other school’s dance teams. The preparation and dedication to continue working towards performances is something that builds strong connections within the team. Senior Elizabeth Adler emphasizes this, saying, “This year our team worked harder than ever and had an amazing season! We all grew as a team and built strong bonds.”

After competing in various preliminary competitions this season, the team faced their biggest challenge yet. Senior Moira Finucane describes this: “We placed in the top 3 at a big name competition for the first time in 5 years, and were only a few tenths of a point away from qualifying for state. Overall, the positivity and vibrant energy the girls brought to the floor each practice and performance was what made the team so special.” Coming so close to state is a challenge that many teams face, but the Poms team embraced the successes they’ve had and more importantly, the friends they made along the way. Finucane adds, “Every single girl, no matter if they floored or not, contributed to our achievements this year with their unbridled support and encouragement.”

Something is to be said about the joy with which the dancers describe their teammates. Poms is a different type of bond; the girls have to lean on each other, sometimes literally, in order to perform and to succeed. They thank their coaches and parents for an amazing season, and the seniors express their gratitude and leave with heads held
high. Adler adds, “I will miss these girls so much, but I know they will do great things for the team in the future.”

The bonds of the Poms Team can be seen by the student body consistently. Be it walking down the hall to the cafeteria and hearing music blaring well into the evening, or attending a basketball game or football game and feeling a sense of friar pride just by seeing the smiles on their faces.