Fenwick Defeats OPRF in Chicago Elite Classic

The Friar student section loudly posed the question to OPRF fans, “OPRF, WHAT HAPPENED?”

On Friday, December 02, the Fenwick Friars competed at the UIC Credit One Arena at the Chicago Elite Classic Basketball Tournament against Oak Park River Forest High School, our city rival. All who were at the Fenwick vs. OPRF game were able to experience a game with such captivating energy, that no one was able to look away! One word to describe our team during the game is hustle. They hustled every defensive play, and moved the ball effectively on offense. As well as keeping high energy all four quarters.

This is no accident. The basketball team, led by Coach Tony Young, has a very rigorous practice schedule that pushes them to become the most capable athletes they can.
They lift weights 2 to 3 days a week and train on shooting and focus on skills 1 to 3 times a week, all to get their bodies stronger. Everyone has dedicated time to make sure they get
better individually and as a team. This work ethic is impressive, especially since the majority of our team is sophomores! Coach Young was asked if he was worried about the majority of the team not playing varsity basketball before and he commented, “No, our guys are talented; even though they’re young they’ve all lifted and put in a lot of hours.” Clearly, he was not wrong.

The highlight of the game and what everyone can not stop talking about is… ”the tie.” In the fourth quarter of the game OPRF and Fenwick tied. At this moment, the entire
student section held their breath. You could feel the tension coming off in waves from all of the stadium. Everyone’s eyes were fixated on the ball and the players. It felt like the fans
were on the court with the players and that the players could hear us. It felt like we were all connected. And the truth is; the Friar student section and the Friar basketball team were connected.

Coach Young was asked how friar nation students can best come out and support the team. Coach Young emphasized that he wants us students to, “ Show up, yell, cheer, especially at our home games. I don’t think they understand what it does for the young team that needs the school’s support.”

At the Chicago Elite Classic, Friar Nation showed up in full support of our team. So, Friars, half our games are at home, that means 14 games and opportunities
to go support! As Friar Nation, we need to be at those games cheering and yelling