Fenwick Names Mr. Garcia New Aquatics Director

Mr. Beto Garcia, a Brother Rice High School graduate and current Spanish teacher at Fenwick High School, has been named the new Aquatics Director. Announced on July 13, 2022, Mr. Garcia replaced Mr. Steve Thompson’s position as Director. Mr. Thompson held the position for two years and will still remain the girls and boys head swimming coach. He was one of the people that recommended Mr. Beto Garcia for the position and is happy with his current involvement.

Mr. Garcia remarks, “My goal was and is to give back to city kids.” Mr. Garcia was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, where he found enjoyment in aquatics from a young age. After attending college in Queens, New York, he came back to Chicago where he founded water polo programs at De La Salle High School and Little Village High School. Additionally, he’s also been working in the Chicago Park District for years as an aquatics coach, impacting the lives of hundreds of children. Not only has he affected the lives of people in the Chicago area, but also here at Fenwick. When asked about his goals and contributions regarding Fenwick, Mr. Garcia said, “My honest goal when I came here was to be the best Spanish teacher I could be. I I feel fortunate to be in the role I’m in because now I can help kids in the classroom and in aquatics.”

Reflecting upon all his success in aquatics today, Mr. Garcia said, “It sounds cliché when people are like ‘when you work hard good things will come,’ but if there is something my father taught me it was ‘work hard every single day no matter what,’ and I never in a million years thought that I would ever come to Fenwick or ever be in the position I’m in now. There was no direct path for me, the only thing that’s been constant is working hard. I believe that the harder you work, the chances of you being luckier are even greater, and that’s worked well for me.”
Throughout the years, Fenwick has had a famous and historical aquatics program, with each and every one of its participants succeeding greatly in their goals and futures. Junior varsity swimmer and varsity water polo player Xiomara Trejo of the Class of 2024 said, “I think Mr. Garcia is a great aquatics director; he’s added a new energy to the pool area and he gets along with everyone. He’s fit for the job and everyone seems to enjoy his presence there.” Trejo, along with many swimmers and water polo players, agree that Mr. Garcia has the perfect character to support the program both in water and on land.

When asked about his goals towards the Fenwick community, Mr. Garcia said, “For me to be part of the aquatics program means a lot because there’s a lot of history. I know there are people who have poured their heart and soul into the program, and I would like to do the same.” With the program in Mr. Garcia’s hands, Fenwick’s aquatics legacy will surely successfully continue on.