Girls’ Tennis Wins Third in State

In a record breaking year for Fenwick fall sports, the girls’ varsity tennis team broke numerous records, ultimately placing third at state. Although this lonely sport is often played independently, placing as a team was an effort by all of the Friars.

The tennis team started off their first set on their road to state by winning the GCAC conference for the first time in eight years. The girls battled recurring opponents and never backed down. First place wasn’t won by just one individual, but as a combination of points won each round. Truly, every round and every court counted. Coach Sullivan said, ”The key would be winning close matches. We had multiple very, very tight matches and we found ways to win them.” This was not just true about conference but about the entire season, especially as the season went on. But the feat of finally beating Loyola wasn’t enough.

As the girls headed to play their second set on their journey, they brought their momentum and music to sectionals in Lemont. With state on the line, they would have to play their hearts out, all while trying to sweat out their nerves. Unfazed by the patchy and cold weather, the Friars persevered and won their sectional. The doubles final was Fenwick vs. Fenwick, something that had only happened one other time 19 years ago. Freshman Rachel Abraham said, “The teamwork was so inspiring and everyone worked extremely hard and supported one another.” Although the plaque and pins were nice, there was still more work that needed to be done.

Finally in the third and final set of their season, the five state qualifiers (Kate Trifilio, Megan Trifilio, Rachel Abraham, Trinity Hardin and Maeve Paris) traveled to a plethora of sites and were divided up after being together with each other every step of the way. There were so many nerves, unexpected factors and frigid weather conditions that these athletes had to play against, but they didn’t let this stop them. Even though these athletes played separately, they still played like Friars: together. Over the long, brisk and stressful three days at state, the Friars took home team medals and a hefty third place trophy. Junior Kate Trifilio said, “It was a team effort. The five of us were not playing as individuals, but as Friars. Being at different sites didn’t stop us from playing as a team.”

This groundbreaking season for the varsity team is definitely one for the books. Although the season is over, the girls have a bright future ahead of them. Coach Sullivan said that in future seasons, “It won’t happen just this way again, but it shows what can be done when you have a challenge.”