Senior Athlete Profile: Golf Leader Jake Wiktor Commits to NC State

The Fenwick Friars Boys’ Golf Team has seen plenty of success over these past few years. They were state and sectional finalists in 2019 as well regional champions in the same year. Friar golfers hold themselves to a high standard, and their success reflects this mindset. The golf team has 9-10 varsity athletes every year, but for the past four years, Senior and NC State commit Jake Wiktor has stood out amongst these golfers. He has celebrated both personal achievements while leading his team at the same time. These qualities of determination will be missed by both his team and Coach Kribs.

Kribs said, “Over the last four years, Jake has epitomized all of the values of our program. He is an outstanding leader, a true gentleman on the course, and will never be outworked. He is one of Fenwick’s all-time greats. I can’t wait to watch him at NC State for what promises to be a wonderful collegiate career.” Coach Kribs and Friar golf have enjoyed their time watching and playing with Wiktor. He is truly destined for greatness. 


The Wick: When did you decide on NC State? 

Jake Wiktor (J. W.): I decided on NC State on September 28 (I’m 99% sure).


Wick: What made you decide on it? Was it the community? The coach? Etc.

J. W.: The main reason I chose NC State is because Coach McPhaul was the only coach I spoke to who recruited me as a person just as much as a player. 


Wick: What are your main goals as a collegiate athlete? How do these differ from your goals as a high school athlete?

J. W.: My main goals as a collegiate athlete are pretty much the same from high school as they include to keep on improving, keep on controlling what is within my control, and to keep on becoming a better version of myself.


Wick: What are you going to miss most about golfing here at Fenwick?

J. W.: The main thing I am going to miss about golfing at Fenwick is the experience itself. While golf in college is also [a] team sport just like it is in high school, my first experience with golf as a team sport, especially playing varsity as a freshman, is very special to me. 


Wick: On the other hand, what are you most excited about in this next chapter?

J. W.: The main thing that I am excited about (and also a little terrified about) for the next chapter is how drastically larger the competition curve is going to be in collegiate golf and the much more valuable life lessons I will learn because of it. 


Wick: What have you learned as a student-athlete here at Fenwick that you hope to carry on with you to college?

J. W.: The thing I have learned most as a student-athlete is that the world does not make time for you when you have a multitude of things that are expected of you to accomplish, so learning how to make time for yourself and manage it is what I most hope to carry on.


Wick: Who has inspired you the most?

J. W.: In all, I cannot attribute this to one person. Everyone who was involved in any way on my journey was extremely helpful and inspiring to me. 


Wick: What is your advice to any underclassmen who want to achieve the same goals as you?

J. W.: If collegiate golf is your goal, the biggest mistake that you can make is going to a school that you will never see any playing time at. I have watched many really good players go to high tier golf schools that were a little out of their element and almost never see any playing time. Pursue the best school you can, but also be as realistic as possible in your decision.