Senior Athlete Profile: Delaney Seligmann Commits to Brown University for Track and Field

Fenwick senior Delaney Seligmann has committed to continue her academic and athletic career at Brown University. Her hard work on and off of the track have helped her reach this very honorable accomplishment. As she competes in her final season as a Friar, she reflects on how she has grown as an athlete and a person during her time at Fenwick. 


The Wick: What has driven you to succeed in track and what has distinguished your athletic achievements? 

Delaney Seligmann (D. S.): I’ve really been driven by the fun of it. Getting a new personal record is really fun. It’s a great feeling that makes you want to strive to reach it every meet. It gives you the drive to constantly try to improve. I think my athletic accomplishments at Fenwick were distinguished by my versatility. I run cross country and short distance track which is kind of counterproductive but I love both sports so I did it anyway.


Wick: What is your best advice to a freshman pursuing track?

D. S.: Just give it your all. I mean that athletically, [and] don’t be afraid to be yourself. That’s so cliche, but it helped me get comfortable with acting like myself with other people.


Wick: How do you feel about leaving Fenwick and entering this new chapter in your life?

D. S.: I want to thank my Fenwick coaches and teammates for helping me grow as an athlete and person over these past four years. I am excited to see my full potential at Brown. I feel like I’ve never taken track as seriously as I could be, so I want to see what distances and heights I can reach. I’m also stoked to meet my new teammates.


Seligmann currently holds the Fenwick Frosh/Soph records for both long jump and triple jump, and she has been a strong asset to the track team during her time at Fenwick. Her favorite events to participate in are high jump and triple jump. 

Track coach Dale Heidloff is very proud of Seligmann and he is excited to see where the future takes her. Coach Heidloff describes Seligmann as “the type of person that exemplifies what it means to be a Fenwick student-athlete. She is a great student (nominated for the IHSA all academic team) and her athletic accomplishments speak for themselves.” Coach Heidloff has said, “I also am very proud of how she has become a team leader and how she shares her knowledge with the younger jumpers. She will do very well at Brown, because she is an awesome person as well as an awesome athlete.” Delaney is a strong asset to the track and field team and the Fenwick community.