Girls Swim Team Celebrates Sectional Win

     Under new head coach Steve Thompson, the girl had an unconventional yet successful season. Even with COVID restrictions, they still put in tremendous work in and out of the pool, including both early morning and after school practices. 

     Led by senior captains Angelina Cakuls, Tatum Burek and Brianna Comstock, as well as junior captains Maeve Wunderlich and Lindsey Drumm, the Friars took on their most unique season yet. They took on many practice hours, and obviously could not have traditional meets. But they made the most of the half-capacity and even virtual competitions that they were given. 

     In the final weeks of the season, a mandatory quarantine was placed on almost the entire team, and the girls were not able to attend their senior night or conference meet. But they continue to remain optimistic about a potential senior night somewhere down the road. Even though most of the girls did not have that final wrap up, a sectional meet was still able to take place. Amidst all of this chaos and even after two weeks of being out of the pool due to the quarantine, the Fenwick Friars still came out victorious at their sectional meet. Led by seniors Angelina Cakuls, Meredith Callahan, Lauren Dvorak and Rhianne McDermott, the girls accomplished many best times and won multiple events. Despite not having a state final meet, they celebrated their sectional win and were proud to have pushed through the season that they did, all while tackling the many different obstacles that 2020 brought along the way.