Boys’ Water Polo Team Reflects on Trip to Australia

     A unity was formed over 20 years ago, between Fenwick High School and Blackfriars Priory School in Adelaide, Australia. The first visit was in 1992. Since then, the Blackfriars and Fenwick have been close partners for years. 

     Last April, eight Blackfriars and their accompanying coach visited Fenwick. They toured the Frank Lloyd Wright house, saw a Wolves game and learned about Chicago for three weeks. They stayed with the families of members of the Fenwick water polo team. 

     Over the summer, they repaid the favor and invited some Friars to visit them in Adelaide, Australia. Members from the Boys’ Water Polo team ventured to Australia, bonding over Aussie Football, water polo and culture. 

     Junior Peter Buinauskas said, “The main accomplishment from this trip was that we all learned a lot about the culture in Australia. It is so much different from the States, in so many ways, and the fact that we were immersed in that made it so much more clear.”

     Being emerged in a new place surrounded by interesting animals and fantastic views, visiting students soaked up some sun with their host families.                                    

     Junior Liam McCarthy said, “My favorite experience from this trip was spending time with and getting to know my host family. They were all great and tons of fun to be around. The father was kind and loaded with dad jokes, the mother was very generous and welcoming, my host brother was just fun to be around, and his siblings were awesome.” 

     While the host family was outstanding, so were the native animals. 

     Sophomore Ethan Kimmelman said, “My favorite experience from the trip was being able to see the wildlife. Seeing kangaroos, koalas, and dingos was amazing.” 

     These successful Australian exchanges may be opening up to a new audience of Fenwick students. 

     Coach Kyle Perry said, “During this most recent trip, I had the opportunity to visit St. Dominic’s which is an all-girls school in North Adelaide.” 

     Since Blackfriars priory is an all-boys school, new relations with St. Dominic’s suggest the possibility of female exchanges. Coach Perry also reported that other extracurriculars at St. Dominic’s, such as debate and aquatic and non-aquatic sports teams, are also interested in learning more about Fenwick.