Spring Sports Tackle Winter Weather


Junior Peyton Nufer jumps to block a shot during an intense water polo game. Photo by Demi Ovalle

Despite being labeled as spring sports, most of Fenwick’s spring sport teams begin practicing long before the spring weather arrives. Starting in as early as February, these teams can be seen running through the halls and gyms of Fenwick, as they try to make the most of the space they have inside. After this year’s especially harsh winter, many Friars have been forced to share gym space, practice in the hallways, or even have practice off campus. Not all spring sports have been so negatively affected, but those that usually practice outside have struggled to get their practices in.

The Girls’ Lacrosse team is just beginning their season, with captains Paige and Alexa Haeflinger. The girls are prepared to make an impact this spring, and even though, they are fighting the winter weather at the beginning of this season, they are making the most of their practice time everyday. Coacher Yeakey, D., Pape, and Dittmer are helping out by making sure there is adequate space to practice until the warm weather arrives. The coaches are also working with the team to accomplish their goals this year of making it to sectionals. The girls hope to see their fans at all their games this year.

The Boys’ Lacrosse team is busy getting prepped for the season ahead. Coaches Considine and Giacotto are helping their boys to focus on the game and be as successful as they can be. The boys have been through a tough winter, practicing outdoors whenever they can. Hopefully, the boys will be able to build on their highlight from last year of defeating St. Rita in sectionals. With key seniors Zach Jensen, Rory McGuire, and Colin Marks, the team is looking set for a great season.

The Girls’ Soccer team had a great 2018 season, in which they won the Windy City Classic and the PepsiCo Showdown. For the current season, Coaches Watson, Hussey, and Smith, along with key players Margaux Shearer, Regan Hultquist, and Anissa Nourse, are leading the girls to build on last season’s successes. The winter weather has been rough, but luckily they have the turf which allows them to play outside more. Regardless, they always find time to get a practice in. This season the team is looking forward to playing OPRF and making their Friar fans proud once again.

The Boys’ Track team is off to a great start. There is a new coaching staff this season with Coaches Rill, Quaid, Marks, Lavins, and Wnek. Seniors Joseph Wermes and Owen Filbin are already setting new personal records early in the season, and junior Chris Brady is looking forward to another great season after qualifying for state last year. The cold weather has been a challenge this year forcing them to have morning practices at the Rosemont Dome, and, Brady says, “wear a lot of layers outside in the cold when running long distances.” No matter what new challenge, the Boys’ Track team no doubt has the potential to perform exceptionally this season.

The Boys’ Water Polo team has already started off the season strong with two quick wins. The long winter has not impacted the water polo team as they are always able to practice inside. After finishing second in state last year to Naperville Central in a tough game, the boys look to reclaim the State title in this coming season. While they have many talented athletes, a few notable seniors are Ramses Flores, Nate Fisher, and Danny Lynch. Lead by Coach Kyle Perry, the boys look forward to a promising season.

The Girls’ Water Polo team is also off to a great start after a win against St. Viator on March 4th. Similar to the boys, the girls also finished second in state last year in an equally rough game against Stevenson, but the team is looking forward to working towards another State title at the end of this season. As water polo is an aquatic sport, the girls have not been negatively affected by the harsh weather, and have been able to practice throughout the winter. They present some powerful leading players including Harper Daniels, Paulina Correa, and goalie Sam Rodriguez, just to name a few. Training under head coach Jack Wagner, the girls are working towards another fruitful season.

The Girls’ Track team is hitting the ground running after their huge accomplishments last season. The 4×800 team went to state, and Claire Gautermann set another record for the pole vault. Coaches Roche, Whitehead, and Heidloff lead the team and are expecting a great season, and with key players like Laura Durkin, Marie O’Brien, and Claire Gautermann, the team will no doubt reach their goals. Like the Boys’ Track team, the girls now have morning practice at the Rosemont Dome twice a week. With the continuation of winter weather, the long distance girls have to bundle up to run outside, while the sprinters practice inside the building. Friar Nation can expect great things from the Girls’ Track team this season.

The Boys’ Volleyball team is gearing up for an exciting and successful season. The boys hope to make a run at the regional championship this year. While they have yet to play first game of the season, they have begun practicing in the Field House gym, and they are happy to have the space. The boys are lead by Coach Whitman, and they are sure to succeed with the help of their senior leaders, such as Avyn Alairys, Jack Kenny, and Merrick Silvis. They are looking forward to seeing the Fenwick students body coming out to support them as they kick off their season.

The Boys’ Tennis team is starting strong and looking forward to a great season. Coaches Sullivan and Conrad lead the team along with key players Carlos Gutierrez, Pierce Butler, and Phil Sander. This season, the team hopes to get to state and beat Loyola in conference. The tennis team still faces the harsh winter weather. Junior Michael Ryan says, “we all wish the weather was better, but it’s not too bad right now. We play outside or inside depending on the game.” While it is still the very beginning of the season, the boys tennis team will no doubt represent Fenwick in the very best light.

The Softball team started off their season led by three key seniors Cassy Lee, Alyssa Stramaglia, and Rachel Martinez. As shortstop Martinez explains, “We plan on accomplishing so much more than the previous Fenwick softball seasons.” The girls hope to build on last year’s highlight of winning regionals and eventually take state. The girls have been practicing as well as they can manage in the cold weather. While the new season is emerging, the girls have been adjusting to the style of their two new coaches, James and Dodaro. This spring break, the Friars are heading to Clarksville, Tennessee for an away tournament. The girls and the coaching staff hope to bring the tradition of traveling into the program for the following softball seasons, and big wins are expected on the diamond in Clarksville.

The Rugby team has been off to a great start this season. With head coaches Mahon, Mahon, Kraft, and Dittmer, the varsity team has been working hard on their skills on the field. Led by senior leaders Mitch Lopez and Konrad Skowyra, the team is in great shape for a successful season and are expected to start off strong. As junior Patrick Feldmeier says, “We’ve been practicing in the cold for what seems like years, but now we are ready to go out and compete.” The boys have high confidence in themselves and their ability to win. Friar rugby is is headed for a victorious season, and they will surely achieve their goals this season.

The Baseball Team started their season off with a 15-2 win against Ridgewood, and coach Dave Hogan is extremely excited to work with his new seniors and other new players. Junior Cal Malchow says, “We’re really excited for the rest of the season. There’s a lot of talent on the team this year we’re looking forward to starting conference games.” The team has been braving the cold weather to practice outside on their usual baseball diamonds. The baseball program as a whole strives to not only win games, but to also act as a respectable family that represents Fenwick’s excellence. The boys are excited to work towards their goal of taking conference. The boys are expected to have an amazing season with the guidance of Coach Hogan and their new and rising seniors.

Fenwick’s spring sports teams have been through a rough winter, but these Friars are not letting that obstacle keep them from their goals.