Bathroomia: Tragedy Turned Triumph

Tragedy struck around 12:43pm, Thursday February 9th. 22 Fenwick boys were stuck in the second floor bathroom. Students speculate the door was stuck closed because of paint over the hinges, but there has been lots of construction and drama surrounding the second floor boys bathroom. Within the first few minutes, the group of boys knew they needed to act, and they needed to act now. Text messages were flying, emails explaining that they weren’t skipping class, and goodbyes to friends and family. But, help was on the way. Quick to act, Mrs. Esposito called Mr. O’Keefe
to let him know what was happening. He grabbed his crowbar and headed to the scene. Junior Anna Schloss overheard physics teacher Mrs. Esposito say to Mr. O’Keefe, “You need a little more torque,” as he attempted to pry the door open.

Behind the door was anything but chaos. The students mobilized and elected Junior Colin Geier as President of Bathroomia. He was prepared in this time of crisis to address his people. Video was received of this momentous speech: “Now I don’t know what the best course of action is here but I know that we are going to fight, we are going to fight with all our might, and God willing we will get out of this bathroom.” The Wick managed to get an interview with President Geier. He expressed his gratitude to all involved: “We are thankful for the work of Mr. O’Keefe and the team he assembled that helped to free us from the bathroom. The time we spent in there has united us forever and created memories that we will not forget.”  The sounds of crowbar slams, turned into the sounds of the boys trying to ram down the door, which turned into the sounds of maintenance drilling. After fully removing the door from its hinges, the men of Bathroomia were freed. They emerged from the second floor bathroom as new people, parading through the hallways with arms raised in triumph. Junior Kevin Hanley said the experience could be reduced to a time “when boys became men.”  A tough forty-five minutes for all involved, the boys proved themselves to be determined and resilient, a testament to the true characteristics of a Friar.