How many steps does a Friar take in a day?

Fenwick’s many staircases and expansive floors makes you wish there was better air conditioning. Going from the first floor to the west wing in a matter of five minutes is a struggle, leaving most students tired and breathless. So the question is, how many steps does a Friar actually take in a day?
The answer to that depends on where you are going, but most will agree: it’s too many. A question was posed to a few Fenwick students, “How many steps do you think you take a day?” Answers varied: 5,000; 6,982; 3,000; 4,000.
Student athlete Reagan McDonald determined the real answer: 3,742 by the end of eleventh period. This doesn’t account for the strenuous hours spent at sports and clubs which nearly every Fenwick student partakes in. So the answers were a little bit extreme, but maybe the real finding is we all need to be doing more walking to get used to this. Freshmen are making the biggest change from small junior highs to the five story confusing mess that is Fenwick. From the Link, to the West Wing, and where ever the Priory is, the school is a big adjustment from previous schools students have been too. When many freshmen were asked, they seemed more bothered by the long distances rather than upperclassmen. This is a common factor among everyone. No matter who you are: with all the books everyone lugs around with them, we’re all tired by the end of the day, especially in those Sperrys!