Senior Days Unite the Class of 2021

318 days. Over 7600 hours. 450,000+ minutes. That is how long it had been since the senior class had been all together in the building. On March 13, 2020, we were sent home for the weekend. However, little did we know it would not be until 2021 that we would all be together as a class again.

Around Thanksgiving, Mr. Holmberg and the newly formed “Senior Celebrations Committee” assembled to give the seniors a chance to see each other again.

The committee wasted no time planning the first senior day, which would end up taking place on January 29. Mr. Holmberg highlighted this planning process for this and all future senior days. “We first meet as a committee to explore and collect ideas,” he said. “We then evaluate possible dates for events, create an outline for our plan, talk with Student Council leaders, present the plan to the administration, and, upon approval, work to make it a reality.”

The first senior day saw the underclassmen switching to remote learning, and having the entire senior class go through their schedule. This provided seniors a chance to have a regular day of in-person school. It also gave broadcasting student Jack Giura a chance to ask his fellow classmates what their favorite Fenwick memories were. Jack Giura highlighted his experience at senior Friday, stating that he was glad to have the opportunity to see people whom he did not usually see and have the chance to reconnect with them. “Senior Friday was incredibly joyful, and it was fantastic to see the friends I hadn’t seen in almost a year,” senior Will Harrison said. Dmytro Olyva, another senior, described this first day as “super fun” and is eager to see his classmates again.

The next Senior Day took place on February 18. This day was not like the previous one, and instead the class attended Mass and took part in an all-school scavenger hunt. This scavenger hunt saw the seniors going into various classrooms and solving puzzles within these small groups.

It was fantastic to see all of our senior friends again on that day. However, as Will Harrison noted, “the small groups restricted us from seeing more people. I enjoyed being with my group, but I enjoyed Senior Friday more due to us interacting with more of our classmates.”

As a senior, I share Will’s sentiment. Being in a classroom setting with other seniors is exactly what we missed the most, and, as a result, Senior Friday was the most enjoyable experience. However, both days were fun, regardless of how many people we were able to see.

As far as future Senior Days go, Mr. Holmberg and the Senior Celebrations Committee have been planning. “We plan on having an event in March, April, and May,” he said. “These days will include a variety of styles, some similar to what was seen on the first senior day, some similar to the second “activity” senior day.”

As we approach graduation, we seniors are excited to see each other. The senior class is grateful for these senior days which have brought back a relative sense of normalcy to our unique graduating class. We are excited for the future days and all the fun they will bring.