How to Manage Stress During COVID-19

     Life during the COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be exceptionally stressful, especially for students. Multitudes of children and teenagers across the globe are experiencing elevated levels of stress stemming from adaptations to learning models caused by COVID-19. There are many tricks and techniques available for coping with feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Fenwick’s new social worker, Ms. Halle Winkler, and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor Mr. Robert Allanson from the Linden Oaks Medical Group have both provided advice for coping with stress this fall.

     When inquired about managing stress while eLearning from home, Allanson responded, “Working from home can be very tricky when it comes to managing stress because it can be hard to create a schedule or structure like we might have at school. I encourage creating a designated space for schoolwork. Don’t use your bedroom or the same place that you typically use for down time.”

     Allanson also encouraged regular breaks from working. Taking a five to fifteen minute break every 45 minutes to an hour can create a similar feeling to breaks between class periods. These breaks can be especially helpful when used to intentionally recharge or practice one of Winkler’s methods of self care. Activities can include short walks or workouts, or engaging with a hobby that you otherwise could not spend time with while physically in the school building.

     When asked about reducing stress at school and at home, Winkler preached the importance of self care: “Self care is the most important thing for students to do in and out of school”, says Winkler. “There are four types of self care: physical, mental, emotional, and social.” Winkler said that finding ways to remain physically active, stay aware of thoughts and feelings, and stay in contact with friends are extremely important for students, especially as they approach the cold winter months.

     The most important thing to remember is that we are not alone, and there are so many resources at Fenwick to help us. Whether it’s your friends from classes, a teacher, the social workers, or the counselors, all of us are part of the Fenwick community, and Friars stick together.