The Battle of Thanksgiving Foods

As Thanksgiving approaches, so does the annual battle of controversial food opinions. In my opinion, yorkshire pudding is better than turkey, and the desserts served at Thanksgiving are absolutely worth waiting for. I survive solely on apple and pumpkin pies for days. Unsurprisingly, other sophomores in 8th period lunch were equally passionate about their thanksgiving food traditions.

Marissa Johnson ‘24 stated, “Turkey isn’t even good! It takes way too long and it’s not worth it. Dinner rolls on the other hand…” Johnson also shared her holiday beverage preferences with the table: “Apple cider is the best fall drink. Best served hot, of course, but by far, it is the best drink.” She also recommended the sugar cookie drink from Starbucks with vanilla cold foam served hot, of course.

Anna Connelly ‘24 agreed with Johnson about turkey but added, “Pumpkin spice ev- erything is bad.” I cannot agree with this argument as I have a love for pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake. Something I do agree with is that homemade apple pie is one of the best things served during the holiday season. Connelly told the lunch table, “My sister and I make homemade apple pie and when we put the crust over it we carve our initials in the pie.” This family sentiment touched my heart and hopefully serves as a reminder to us that holidays are not a time to fight over food, but a time to bring family together.

Following the interviews, there was a unanimous vote at the lunch table to create a little Thanksgiving theme for lunch. Even though Connelly and Johnson were louder in sharing their opinions than Genevieve Morrissey, the sophomore did include “I like the fall sprinkles on the donuts.” With this closing opinion, the lunch table in 8th period wishes all Fenwick students, teachers, staff and alumni a happy Thanksgiving.