Senior Year in Review

     Although this year has been anything but normal, the Class of 2021 has found a way to make the most of this abnormality.

     Throughout hybrid learning, classmates have worked to maintain friendships in various ways. The key route of communication for our senior class is social media. We have been able to stay in contact with one another through a “Class of 2021” Snapchat story. Through this story, we are able to communicate classwide, as almost every senior uses Snapchat. This story has allowed for communication to not be blocked by a difference of in-person days. Another form of social media which has allowed us to stay connected is Instagram. On Instagram, we have a decisions page in which all seniors can send in their college information for next year. This page allows for every senior’s accomplishments to be celebrated by their peers. These two forms of social media greatly aid in keeping the community of our class alive, even if we cannot see each other in person.

     Another beneficial way in which the seniors were able to stay in touch were the two senior Fridays, which took place earlier this year. We were able to go throughout our school day with our entire grade. It was the first time in so long that things felt “normal.” After not seeing some of our classmates for over nine months, a quick conversation in the hallway with a “long-lost friend” felt somewhat magical.

     There have most definitely been lows this year as well. Having limited senior traditions, such as pep rallies and major sporting events, due to Covid limitations have most definitely bruised our Friar Nation spirit. However, with one month left, we hope for a conclusion in which we can strengthen our Friar Pride for the new journey ahead of us.