Is Early Action Worth the Rush?

Much of seniors’ stress has been relieved with the passing of the November 1 deadline. This is the deadline for the majority of colleges’ early action applications, a deadline that most seniors at Fenwick strive to meet.
At Fenwick, it is strongly suggested by college counselors and teachers to apply early action. The chances of being admitted to a school are often increased when an application is submitted early. Colleges receiving early applications know that students are especially interested in attending, and early applicants can spare themselves the stress of committing to a school with an early decision application. Early action has similar benefits to early decision, without the official commitment. With the widespread use of the Common Application, a single admission application that can be used to apply to multiple colleges at once, meeting early action deadlines has become more feasible than ever.
Applying early action also provides peace of mind. With an earlier deadline, the admission decision is released much sooner. In addition, if early action deadlines are met, college applications are completed long before the holiday season.
Senior Mia Kanatas completed all of her applications by the November 1 early action deadline. Kanatas said, “The extra work to meet the early action deadline was definitely worth it. While people were scrambling to get in their final applications, I had time to relax and focus on school homework because I finished early.”
The applicant pool of those applying early action is smaller as well because fewer students choose to meet this deadline. This may increase students’ opportunities for admission and financial aid. Knowing the admission decision earlier, students can make decisions sooner and can move forward with details, such as handling dorm assignments and finding roommates.
Meeting early action deadlines provides students with better opportunities and more peace of mind amid the stressful college application process. This non-binding application deadline is strongly suggested at Fenwick because of the myriad benefits it provides to students.
Applying early is most definitely a good decision. No matter if one is applying to one or ten schools, there is less stress and more likelihood for success if one uses the early deadline. Not only will finished applications be a major accomplishment and release of stress, but it reflects quite well upon the student. Submitting an application early shows a sense of eagerness and ambition.