Are Millenials Too Sensitive?

Past generations have always criticized the generations that come after for living life differently or holding different beliefs. As society adapts, the mindset of people within it change. Previous generations have learned from mistakes and successes in order to create change to improve our world. Millennials are commonly criticized for being “too sensitive.” But why is it that the world feels the urge to designate this label on this generation? Are millennials being shaped to deal with the rest of the world, or is it that the world has not yet to accept the changes that the new generation is bringing?
Millennials have been concerned with fixing the messes of the past generations and improving the world for the good of all people. New awareness has been provided in regards to the environment, racial and gender inequalities, and acceptance of those of different backgrounds. While our country is in a polarized state, more and more, the young people have banded together to spark change.

Previous generations have gone through war and major epidemics. Today, many accuse Millennials of being in a state of ignorance or of being “too soft” as they have not gone through major world hardship. The education systems and laws have changed in such a way that corporal punishment is now considered simply unacceptable. Young people have become more aware of bullying and the deprecating harm it can inflict on the victim.
Millennials are concerned with political correctness and experiencing empathy for others. Millennials have become more aware of using or not using certain terms that may offend others. As a generation, they are highly politically active and ready to create change. They are more accepting of the LGBT community and those of differences. Millennials may be accused of being too sensitive, but this sensitivity has a purpose: to become more accepting and ready to defend those who have wrongly been considered offensive to previous generations.

Social media has played a major role in Millennials “sensitivity.” Millennials are the first generation to be tech-savvy and experience the positives and negatives of that experience. People are often hiding behind screens looking for ways to put people down. This has undoubtedly led to the sensitivity of which Millennials are being accused.

In the internet age, people are no longer forced to confront each other face to face, but instead can say something harmful through a screen. This causes people to become unable to approach others in person. Social media, though can be a good thing, is also a horrible thing for youth who generally struggle to know who they are until their late teens or early 20s, but now they have a virtual vehicle in which to hide and maybe never develop a true ability to cope with their peers in person.

As our nation is in a polarized state, the question of this generation’s sensitivity has been more enhanced this year. While Millennials may be accused of being too sensitive, they are also one of the most compassionate and empathetic generations that have been around. Millennials are more open to others’ differences and willing to embrace them.