A Mess of Stress

It is currently 2 A.M. and I just about finished my homework. After poms practice, ballet classes, and studying, I am going to bed. Tonight is simply another stressful night as a student.

Although students are often very intelligent, stress is becoming a major issue in academic environments. More than ever, students are frequently diagnosed with anxiety and various problems as a result of stress. Many students are stressed due to numerous factors.

To begin, most students take part in sports and activities outside of school. If students are given homework in every class in addition to playing a sport or participating in an activity, they are highly likely to be sleep deprived. It is not easy being both a good student and a well-rounded individual outside of the classroom today. If you want to be a great student and a great athlete, then you must accept that sleep will be limited and your schedule will be full. At this point, one may start to ask why it is that stress is rising and school is overbearing upon students today?

​To be direct, there is no simple response. Many students are stressed because they are focused and motivated by college. If students are determined to attend a specific university, they will likely put in hard work in order to meet the standards and requirements of that particular school. Other students have overbooked schedules which entail multiple sports, clubs, and activities.
Additionally, many teachers assign high amounts of homework in each class which becomes quite overwhelming. It is important for educators to realize that health comes first.

Still, if students intend to partake in various extra-curriculars in high school to become more well-rounded individuals finding their pursuit, they must acknowledge the hardships that will entail. It is great to participate in a variety of activities, yet it can sometimes be too much when school is as demanding as it is. Stress is a current issue that is affecting many people, especially at earlier ages today. In order to keep students going, many must emphasize the importance of health coming first. Happiness should also be met at all times. Even if people are sleep deprived, they should still be happy when partaking in sports and school.

​ Overall, stress and anxiety should not be problems of high school students. High schoolers should be experiencing new things and finding their path in life. Today, students are often too focused upon requirements that must be met due to social norms society depicts. As students, we must remember to be happy in all we do. As long as we are happy and healthy, we should be successful in all we do because we are performing to our best ability.