Olivia Cameron Leads Girls Bowling to State!

The most recent Fenwick accomplishment has been the first female Friar bowler to ever go to State. Olivia Cameron has made Fenwick history, and has been recognized in various news publications. But behind all all the Instagram posts and news interviews, what was going on? The words used to describe Olivia don’t disappoint.

Bowling Coach Ms. Tichacek described this achievement as a stride for their program and for other girls. Olivia is a testimony to hard work and what it will get you. She’s only been playing for a  couple years and she’s already gotten so far. Coach Tichacek says that to get to the level of State shows a sort of determination in players, a determination our State Bowler has. Coach Tichacek added, “Besides being motivated and determined to do well, Olivia’s just a great person overall, she’s very kind to the other players and very humble.” To match up with her description is her incredible stats. In practice she has bowled a 299 game! For all those who don’t understand how incredible that is, her average the weekend of qualifying into finals was a 200. She clearly has all the qualities of a State athlete and is revered as a great player and person.

The expectations surrounding Olivia are ones she surpasses. To get ready for the meets, she trained two days a week and played twice a week. This process was described as incredibly fun by both Olivia and Coach Tichacek. She spoke of her experience at State and in bowling in general with humor and humility. Olivia had been second in conference and said that her next goal was getting as high in rankings as she could. She used her determination and did just that when she ended up qualifying for state. Olivia felt overwhelmed with everyone’s support she’s been getting. All the recognition has made her feel proud of all that she’s accomplished and undeniably happy.

Olivia has had an outstanding season and deserves this recognition more than anyone. Olivia’s accomplishments have done so much for the bowling program itself and inspiring others. Showing with dedication and humility you can do anything. She has been described as the superstar of Fenwick, and she is. Congrats to Olivia for an outstanding season, and all the Friars will be supporting you for your next one!