We are the Champions: Fenwick’s First Tennis State Championship Title

On October 21st, 2022, the Fenwick Girls Varsity Tennis team made history, winning the school’s first ever tennis state championship. The girls battled against various schools for the 1A state title in both single and doubles matches. Representing Fenwick in doubles matches were duo Maeve Paris and Rachel Abraham, along with Senior and Junior duo Kate Trifilio and Trinity Hardin. Specifically, Paris and Abraham battled their way to the medal rounds where they finished 6th in state. In the singles matches, the Friars smashed their way to success through the talented plays of sophomores Megan Trifilio and Lily Brecknock, who also advanced to medal rounds. Brecknock dominated the court, not only winning first, but also serving up critical points that aided in Fenwick’s victory. Meanwhile, Trifilio’s efforts also contributed to the overall points needed to win the championship, as she battled her way to 4th place. Lily states, “It definitely was amazing to win state individually, but it was so special that we were able to do it as a team. We knew our team worked well together from day one and we were excited that all of our hard work paid off and we were able to become such amazing friends on the way.” As a newcomer to Fenwick Girls’ Tennis, Lily’s impact on the team has been significant. Coach Sullivan states, “I loved seeing the players’ joy break through when they pulled each other through the toughest matches. Maeve and Rachel making it to the medal round was great. And they were all there in support when Lily won her semifinal and that’s when we knew we had the title clinched.”

The road to the state finals has always seemed difficult, but with this group you’d think other- wise. In sectionals, Megan Trifilio and Lily Brecknock cleared the competition, playing each other for sectional finals. While it was a great achievement, Coach Sullivan felt it put him in an awkward position. Sullivan states, “I felt awkward because I could not coach in order to stay unbiased. Even if I shouted ‘Go Fenwick’ it felt awkward. I’m sure it was hard for the players, too.” Coach Sullivan has been with the program since the very beginning. He helped form the program after Fenwick first became coed in 1992. After earning many sectional and state finalist trophies, he’s finally clinched the championship title. Some may wonder if anything has been different this year, but Coach Sullivan says that, “This year our training was almost exactly the same as last year’s. We did almost nothing complicated or strategic at all. We put a good lineup in place and let the players settle into their roles and build their confidence.” While the next season seems quite far, it will be one to definitely look forward to. Assistant Coach Lauren Trifilio says, “The future looks good! We will be moving up to 2A, so we will start competing against even tougher teams, but we’re up for the challenge. This year is a very bright part in Fenwick tennis history. I’m confident that we will do well in the future and can’t wait to be a part of the team next year.”