Meet Coach Fergerson, former WNBA and overseas player, as she takes the wheel as the new head coach of the varsity Girls Basketball Team. Following Coach Power, she is the second person to hold this position in Fenwick history. After spending last year as the assistant coach for Coach Power, she slam dunked her way right into action this season. Coach Fergerson is a graduate of DePaul University and earned the honor of All American Girls Basketball player. She went on to get drafted in the WNBA. Coach Fergerson stated “It was a great accomplishment, but a humbling experience going from being one of the top scorers in the country to being drafted and not getting much playing time.” During her off seasons, she played basketball overseas traveling throughout Europe. Coach Fergerson remarks, “I loved Europe. Traveling the world and playing in different countries was amazing and a true privilege.” When asked about her approach for coaching the girls basketball team she stated, “My main goal is to continue Coach Powers’ rich tradition, but I am a different coach and I have my different ways.” Coach Powers shoes may be large to fill, nevertheless, Fergerson is confident she can do so but in her own way. Coach Fergerson stated, “Basketball doesn’t get easier through the years, if anything it gets more difficult. I want to train these girls to be able to deal with anything thrown at them. My approach is to focus on and off the court, and on different aspects of life. Supporting my girls is one of my main priorities.” With Fergerson as head coach, the Fenwick Girls Basketball legacy will live on.