Introducing the Women in STEAM Coalition

STEAM are the areas of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. The club known as Women’s STEAM Coalition allows women to expand their knowledge about STEAM and is dedicated to giving those who feel they do not belong in STEM fields, and the chance to show others their capabilities. At Fenwick, we have magnificent teachers that help us thrive and expand our knowledge in STEAM. The accomplishments that they have achieved are an inspiration to women and have a major influence on the Fenwick community. The Women’s Steam Coalition recognizes the achievements of inspiring women in the fields of STEAM and continues to shine light on it.

The Women’s Steam Coalition is a club run by Ms. Christophell and Ms. Timmons. The co-presidents are Sheridan Holliday and Molly Weber. The club allows female students at Fenwick to join a safe and inclusive environment to learn more about STEAM opportunities that get women involved. Molly Weber, co-president of the club, was asked about the importance of
women in STEAM, she expressed, “Women in STEM is important now more than ever because the STEM fields are changing. STEM is rapidly accelerating into a field, driven largely by market flow and not genuine research.” The importance of women in this field will never be forgotten and to see a club dedicated to that gives endless opportunities to women in STEAM.

Sheridan Holliday shares why women at Fenwick should get involved with STEM by saying, “Women should be involved in STEM because they can. For centuries, we have had people telling us that we do not belong in the fields primarily dominated by men.” Sheridan brings up the point that women now have a chance to inspire and enter areas of education that were once restricted by gender. She also notes the importance of the club and explains, “This club is incredibly important to Fenwick’s atmosphere because it gives individuals a place where they can have a voice to stand up to inequity and discrimination in STEM fields.”

Fenwick also has a lot of inspiring and hardworking teachers that put in hours to make us understand and grasp the knowledge of how important and privileged we are to have STEM in our education. Such as Ms. Sabbia who teaches math and is the Algebra 1 team and Frosh-Soph 8-person team coach. When asked what her favorite thing about teaching Math at Fenwick is, she stated, “One thing I love about it is getting to see the students put in the effort and work hard to be successful in class.” It is amazing to see the students putting in the effort as much as the teachers do because they want us to succeed. She also noted, “I love getting to see a student who might not always enjoy math start to really love the subject.” The impact that these women in stem have on the students makes even more room for success and we could not do it without them. We are so lucky to have such influential women that continue to allow us to have the opportunities to learn about Stem.

Thus, it’s important to continue to shine light on the accomplishments that women in STEM at Fenwick have. It’s so key to have STEM in our education and have that opportunity to expand our knowledge with it, but it wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of the women that teach us it. They should never go unrecognized and reminded that the Fenwick community will forever be inspired and grateful for all they do.