Four Friars to Compete in Division I Football

     College football is a huge staple of American society. When Michigan played Ohio State last year, 16 million people were watching that game live. Those players are only 19, 20, and 21 years old and they are already sports celebrities. Four of our Fenwick Friar football players have chosen to follow the steps of famous football players such as Drew Brees, TJ Lang, Brady Hoke and Dick Butkus. Friars Max Reese, Jimmy Liston, Eian Pugh, and Kaden Cobb all have signed to play Division 1 Football after Fenwick.

     The news came shortly after Fenwick stole the 5A State Championship away from Kankakee at Huskie Stadium in DeKalb. Friar Nation showed up in full force. Max Reese, who scored two touchdowns during the game, said, “The state game was wild and it just inspired me and showed me just how much love Friar Nation has for us.” Not only did nearly half of our student body show up to cheer on the Friars, but we also had so many alumni come back from college just to see our Friars win their first Football State Championship. 

     State was not the only highlight of the season. Kaden Cobb was proud of the Frairs’ victory over St. Ignatious. “Nothing will compare to playing for a community that has your best interests in mind and loves high school football. I am proud to have left a legacy and now I will be a part of the fans cheering on the Friars,” said QB Kaden Cobb.

     All four Friars signed on the same day, and two of our Friars signed to teams in one of the top college football conferences, the Big 10. Eian Pugh and Jimmy Liston are both set to play football in the Big 10 in front of millions of people next year. “It feels good to have people back home watching. I grew up watching Big 10 Football, so now, being able to play in the conference is surreal,” said Pugh. Even more fun is the fact that both boys are set to play each other on September 30. Eian said, “It will be cool playing Jimmy for sure. He’s one of my best friends so to share the field with him a couple more times will be fun. Sadly for him, he will be on the losing end, but it will be a great experience.”

      Max wanted us to know that “None of this was possible without our team we had and I’m truly blessed to call them my brothers.” These boys have had such a huge impact on Fenwick and will go down in Fenwick history for their amazing season. “I love Fenwick and everything they’ve done for me. Through the ups and downs, the Fenwick community has always been there. Friar for life,” he said. We are sad to see them go, but at the same time, we are excited to see what the future holds.

     All of the work that these boys put in on and off the field paid off. They all left their final Fenwick football seasons with a bang and are entering college football the same way. All four boys have already posed for awesome photos in their uniforms and Eian Pugh is even verified on Instagram. When asked to whom he owes his sucess, Max Reese thanked his family: “My dad and my mom have had a huge impact in helping me with rides, with workouts and just encouraging me to be the person I am today.”

     On behalf of the entire Fenwick community, we are so proud of what these players have accomplished, and we are looking forward to cheering them on next year and beyond.