Meet New Freshman Class Counselor, Ms. Robinson

Ms. Robinson is one of the happiest and most positive people in the building. Ever since she started, she’s turned heads and made an impact. Ms. Robinson helps moderate the Poetry and Spoken Word Club and BSU, and she is an adult leader for the Shield program. Ms. Robinson was an educator for twenty years, teaching Language Arts/English. She loves living in Oak Park and joining the Fenwick Family, and she enjoys listening to music, poetry, acting, and spending time with her wonderful five-year-old, Zuri, and her awesome nephews Brandon and Caleb. When asked what her drive was, she said, “Helping students explore their post-secondary goals as well as the arts, music and African American History.”

She wants to explore arts and creativity inside Fenwick and make it bigger than what it was previously. Prior to Fenwick, she participated in folk music and even traveled the world singing and dancing. She’s expressed that music is her first love. When asked why she chose to come to Fenwick, she said, “Fenwick chose me.” She added, “I watched Fenwick close by for years. I live close by, and over the years I began to see brown children. I watched Fenwick become more inclusive.” She said that after she had been looking for a job, a Fenwick employee recommended Fenwick and she took interest in the counselor position.

Ms. Robinson expressed that her favorite things about working at Fenwick so far have included “getting to know and talk to my FABULOUS FRESHMEN, our first-period African American Studies class and the Poetry Club.” She also said that “everyone is well welcoming, helpful and kind, and it’s a great work environment.” The difference she wants to make here is making sure all students find their path to success. She said that she “wants to become more inclusive to all cultures, and that it is important to understand each other.”

One of her freshmen, Emma Giura, commented that Ms. Robinson is “very energetic” and “very positive.” She also described Ms. Robinson’s office, noting that “for a tan wall and a
tiny office it’s so many colors.”

Ms. Robinson has made a huge impact already. We definitely can’t wait to see all the great things that she will bring to the building. Fenwick loves her already.