Friars Prepare for Banua 2022 Showcase

Banua 2022 is finally here! Many are excited to either see or perform, while others think that it is nerve wracking.

As the students prepare for Banua 2022, what are they thinking about it? I asked Nathan Gonzalez ‘23 and sophomore Diego Jimenez ‘24 why they participated in Banua. Gonzalez said, “I do it for my love of poetry. I’ve been told I was the only person at Fenwick to have done poetry for Banua. I think I may have an impact on people’s views on it. I’m no Edgar Allen Poe, or Silverstein, which is exactly the point—to bring a new modern perspective on the arts. I believe anyone else involved in Banua has the same intentions.” He made an impact on the student body with his inspiring performance last year, and many students are confident he will do it again.

“I’m doing Banua because I want to show others my talents and to prove to myself that I have the courage to perform in front of hundreds of people,” Jimenez said. “I think that’s important because I have some interest in joining the BFG cast.” He added, “As a first time performer in Banua myself, it is quite nerve wracking to think about. Jimenez also remarked on how he was excited to work with others on his Banua act, and help build friendships with the others in BFG.

Another exciting yet stressful fact of Banua is that this is many students’ first Banua live, onstage. “It’s going to be different doing it live this time and not being recorded; I am, however, excited to see the impact and reaction of a live audience,” Gonzalez said. Many students feel as though Banua 2022 is going to be better than last year. Jimenez, who has never done Banua before, said, “I expect to be very nervous on stage.” Many other Banua performers may feel that way.

The biggest appeal of Banua, however, are the friendships made on and offstage and carried into Banua. Jimenez said, “I think unity is one of the best aspects of Banua. I feel that through our performances, especially group ones, students are able to connect with others. Our ideas, passions, and emotions can be heard, seen, and felt by others.” The aspect of connecting with fellow students is the best part of Banua, by far.

As the school anxiously waits for our annual talent show, the performers are working hard to make it a great show. Friendships are built in rehearsals, and the whole school is brought together by Banua, whether the students are performing or not. Banua is the show of the year, and the show that lets us all connect.