BFG Prepares for Fall Play, You Can’t Take it With You

     BFG students at Fenwick until 9:00 every night, carrying scripts everywhere they go, trying to memorize their lines, and Mr. Schoeph and Mr. Finnell busier than ever — this can only mean one thing: It’s time for Fenwick’s annual fall play. This year, the play is George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart’s You Can’t Take it With You! 

     Every year, Fenwick has a fall play, and every year, more and more students go and audition for it. The students love the atmosphere of the fall play. The people in the fall play really bond over this shared experience. Sophomore Grace Sletten noted, “I chose to do the fall play because BFG is a really fun community to be a part of. The play, in my opinion, is a great experience because of the people in it.” Being in a cast is a special experience because everyone is working towards one goal. Grace added, “It’s so amazing to see everyone work so hard towards one goal and to watch everything come together.” Sophomore Cece Flosman also likes the play for the people. “The play is a great experience because it allows me to make new friends with people I wouldn’t have known before,” she said. This welcoming environment is why students continue to do the play each year.

     Teachers John Schoeph and Roger Finnell direct the play each year. The play has to be chosen carefully each year to ensure that it will fit the cast and their needs. When asked about the choice for this year’s fall play, Mr. Schoeph said, “Anticipated cast size is always a consideration for choosing a fall play, and Mr. Finnell had told me BFG put on You Can’t Take it With You twice before.” The size and abilities of the cast have to be considered each year, but the play also has to be enjoyable. Mr. Schoeph commented, “I have to add that there’s a hysterical scene–one I laughed out loud while reading–that helped twist my arm.” 

     While it may be the actors and actresses that one comes to see, the true heroes of the play are in the crew. The crew has to make sure that the play is running smoothly. They work the mics, lights, props and sets. The crew works very hard to make sure that the actors can do their job without any problems. Everyone in the crew loves being a part of it and having fun at everything they do. Declan Huggins is a member of the crew, and he noted, “Some of the more chaotic moments are the most fun, like when a microphone just stops working.” If there is a problem, though, the crew will do their best to fix it and have fun doing it.

     This year’s play is going to be incredible. Mr. Schoeph praised the cast, saying, “… cast and crew have been giving countless hours of time and energy–and lots of talent–to realizing a great production.” Buy a ticket and go support the incredibly talented cast and crew in You Can’t Take it With You!