Prom Must Go On!

     A lot has been up in the air this year for the Class of 2021. From college decisions to Kairos, to senior nights and graduation, this year’s seniors have held out hope for a somewhat normal end to a very abnormal school year. Mr. Groom’s recent announcement that prom and graduation would continue to take place on May 29 was welcome news for pandemic-weary seniors longing for a final opportunity to celebrate the past four years as a class. 

     Like most events this school year, prom will look different than in previous years. Safety precautions and preparations are being set in place to ensure that the full senior class is able to safely attend. The venue for prom this year will be in the MAX in McCook (a large indoor sports and recreation facility), allowing for students to spread out and maintain social distancing. Masks are required for students at all times, meaning food will not be served at the event this year. In addition to these precautions, only Fenwick Seniors will be allowed to attend. 

    Mrs. Kotty, who is helping to plan the prom this year, states that while trying to plan a prom amidst a pandemic presents a lot of challenges, “We knew that our students still wanted an opportunity to celebrate together as a class, and that from all we’ve learned throughout this year, we could organize a safe event that was still a lot of fun!”

    Along with the prom committee, the Fenwick Mothers’ Club has been instrumental in organizing the event. The Mothers’ Club has been gathering input from student council members and the school prom committee to plan the prom and will also donate funds for the event. This year, prom and post prom will be combined. Ms. Seligmann, Fenwick Mothers’ Club President, assures that the prom committee has made sure that there will be something for everyone at this celebration. The event will still call for formal attire for most of the night; however, there will also be activities such as gambling style games, inflatable games, a game show, raffle prizes and slushies. (Ms. Seligmann recommends bringing along a pair of backup comfy shoes for those planning to wear heels!)

      Commenting on the decision to put on a prom this year, Ms. Seligmann exclaimed, “We’ve heard nothing but great things about the Class of 2021… very smart, hardworking, kind and resilient. No matter what has come your way this year, you guys have bounced back and continued to thrive. All that hard work and perseverance requires a celebration. There’s no better reason for a big celebration than making it through a COVID senior year and graduating high school in 2021!”