Students Livestream Annual Banua Showcase

     Banua is the show in which young, talented Friars get to show off their talents. This year’s show was different from the previous years’. COVID-19 presented itself to be a struggle that affected the way the cast would be able to perform; luckily, they were able to surpass the obstacle and film their acts. Unlike in previous years, Banua was pre-recorded and live-streamed. Mr. Faille, the current theater teacher, and the film crew, directed the performances. 

     But how could everyone adapt to performing during COVID-19? Was it safe to say that there was not a risk of exposure? When asked whether he perceived any risk of COVID exposure in participating in Banua, sophomore Nathan Gonzalez said, “I do not think there was any exposure whatsoever. The crew was very careful when it came to social distancing as well as overall sanitation. They made it safe so that we may enjoy this tradition at Fenwick and make all performers feel safe.” When asked if it was harder to act during the pandemic, he stated, “I can’t say, since I wasn’t in Banua last year, but I’d say it would be harder due to the mask and constantly fixing it due to speaking so much during my act.” 

     While no students were exposed to COVID during performances, it was not easy to perform during this pandemic, which caused many struggles to which the cast had to adapt. Due to the current situation, it was harder for students to perform as we can imagine, but thanks to their hard work and dedication, they made it possible. This was a great opportunity to bring joy to the situation that is affecting all of us. Go, Friars!