Juniors Complete Service Projects Despite Pandemic

     The COVID-19 crisis has made almost everything do a complete 180. This declaration is no different for the Friars in the Fenwick community. As part of a Fenwick graduating requirement, the juniors traditionally complete a service project to further understand and practice their roles as servants to society. The pandemic has made this challenging, but not impossible. 

     The juniors this year will still be completing their service projects, but in a COVID safe way. The requirements for this year’s project include seven service experiences where juniors “gift [their] time and energy in order to help others,” as stated in a document concerning the service project. Juniors are encouraged to complete a service experience every month. Due to the pandemic, these experiences can be completed in person or at home. Each month, juniors must complete a report where they must provide confirmation of the experience such as a photo, or signature from a parent or guardian. 

     The Junior Service Project is a crucial part of being a Friar. Junior Natalie Pecora states, “I have realized through the service project that there are a lot of easy ways we can help people in need, and a lot of people around us are willing to help out too.” She continues, “As Friars, we are called to help others in our community and come together to serve our community.” Despite the obstacles of the pandemic, the Fenwick community is still able to come together and further fulfill the Fenwick mission to “inspire excellence and educate each student to lead, achieve and serve.”