Future Friars Take Entrance Exam Online for the First Time

     Nearly every Fenwick student can remember the experience of taking the entrance exam. Waking up early on a cold Saturday in December to take the test, full of nerves. Hundreds of eighth graders walk into the building, many for the first time. The exam is over by noon, and they leave, anxiously awaiting their results. Granted, this is the experience most classes at Fenwick experienced, and will continue to experience in the future. However, one future class had a different experience. 

     The Fenwick Class of 2025 took the entrance exam from the comfort of their own homes last December. Utilizing a new online test-taking program, they took the exact same test with the exact same format as previous years. Overall, there were no major adjustments except the online format. Director of Admissions Mr. Ori said, “The questions, the format, the timing, were all identical to if it were in person.” The exam worked through an online program similar to what many current Fenwick students use to take tests digitally. “The exam software inhibits kids from using other browsers at the time,” Mr. Ori continued, “The company that creates the exam found in test pilot-programs that the exam is timed and moves fast enough and that the honor system works well with it.” 

     The amount of test takers was very similar to past years. Additionally, a makeup exam date was offered for the first time if there were any major technological issues for test takers at home. Some test takers were surprised at the announcement of an online format. Lauren Wilson (Immaculate Conception) stated, “I was originally prepared to take the test in person but when the announcement was made about a week before that it would be online, I had to prepare in a few different ways than before to feel prepared for an online exam.” However many test takers were able to adjust quickly to an online format. Brady Lavin (Visitation) said, “Taking it online wasn’t bad at all, nearly all my assignments have been turned online in some way so it wasn’t really that different.”

     Technologically speaking, the test ran smoothly. Mr. Ori remarked, “The test went off with very, very small tech issues, and just a handful of families reached out with any tech issues.” Mr. Ori also mentioned that there was an in-person team assisting families with any tech issues. Specifically, there were many people that helped with all things relating to the exam. Mr. Ori emphasized, “Mr. Collins,” (Director of Student Data) “is one of the great jewels of Fenwick, he really took this exam online and put it on his back … and did an outstanding job.” Additionally, Mr. Boehm was a big part of facilitating the in-person team helping with technology issues. 

     Overall, thanks to the Fenwick Admissions team and technology staff, the exam was extremely successful in an online format for the first time. The future Class of 2025 may not have had the most traditional experience with the entrance exam, but it was a success nonetheless.