Friars Welcome New Faculty

    With the start of a new school year, Fenwick welcomed three new staff members: Mrs. Shoffer, Mrs. Jeong, and Ms. Winkler.

     Mrs. Shoffer teaches an English I course, three English IV courses, and will also be teaching an Introduction to Theater course. Before starting here at Fenwick, she taught in Chicago Public Schools in the northeast side for twenty years. Mrs. Shoffer spent her first four years teaching sixth grade at Northwest Middle School. Then, she taught for sixteen years at Foreman High School, where she created the Humanitarian Club, sponsoring it for ten years. In addition to this, she worked with the Chicago Public Library so the students could read novels by visiting authors.

     When asked what she found unique about Fenwick, she said, “I love how Fenwick feels like one big extended family. I’m fascinated by the multigenerational connections of students and teachers.” One of her favorite things to do is go on vacation with her family. They love to go on road trips and travel all over the country. She loves the arts and enjoys attending plays, ballets, art openings, operas and poetry readings.

     Mrs. Jeong is another new addition to the teaching staff, and she will be teaching a senior course on Sacraments. Mrs. Jeong previously taught at a Roman Catholic School in the suburbs of Manhattan. While there, she taught Bioethics: Christian Theology of the Body, world religions, a college course on the Abrahamic traditions, as well as Scripture. Mrs. Jeong received an undergraduate degree in Jewish Studies and minored in Islamic Studies. She also took a course at a Dominican seminary in Berkeley, California. A fun fact about her is that, because she went to this seminary, about fifty priests attended her wedding. During her graduate studies, she taught a variety of sections on Church history and ethics. She has traveled to parishes and provided lectures on the Psalms, the Lectionary, and the Christian mission. When asked what she loved most about Fenwick she said, “I love Fenwick’s Dominican spirit! I deeply value the mission to share the gospel in ways that are relatable, challenging, and life-affirming!” Some of her favorite interests include playing with her four-year-old daughter and one-and-a-half-year-old son.

      Fenwick has also welcomed a new social worker, Ms. Winkler. Ms. Winkler will be working with mostly juniors and seniors. She recently received her Master’s degree in social work at Aurora University in May. During her master’s program, she interned at Willow House, a non-profit that provides grief support to families. There, she planned and led support groups and gave presentations about signs of grief in students. Last year, she was the social work intern at Glenbard South High School in Glen Ellyn. She also worked with the general education students in crisis, as well as students who needed extra support.

     When asked what she found most unique about Fenwick Ms. Winkler stated, “I think that Fenwick is unique, because the students here are so driven to succeed, which you don’t see in every school.” She believes that Fenwick has amazing standards and beliefs.

     Ms.Winkler has many hobbies, including yoga. She loves that yoga benefits both her mind and body. She also loves to bake; she loves sweets and will always have candy in her office. Ms. Winkler believes that it is very important to spread positivity and kindness. She explains that it’s important to understsnd that we all struggle sometimes, and that we will be able to get through those struggles together.