Computer Science, Yoga, and Mandarin Classes Added

     In an attempt to better address student interests and career goals, the Fenwick administration has introduced a variety of new courses for the 2020-21 school year, ranging from STEM courses to yoga. There will be seven new courses in total, including four computer courses, an advanced theater course, Mandarin Chinese and Yoga.

     The four new advanced computer offerings are Data Structures & Algorithms, Introduction to Robotics, 3D Printing, and IT Fundamentals for Cybersecurity. These four half-credit “ACT” classes will be taught by online university professors with oversight from Mr Kleinhans and Mr. Nelson. These courses will allow students to get a head start on their future careers and interests in STEM areas.

     Mr. Kleinhans said that around 30 percent of Fenwick graduates go on to pursue careers in STEM. He explained that Fenwick is “Uniquely positioned in the high school arena to serve students interested in STEM.” With the addition of these new courses, the administration is hoping to meet this demand, and provide students with more opportunities to deepen their STEM interests. Upon completion of these courses, students will receive a digital certificate and hands on experience that universities and employers value. As Kleinhans explained, “Many of the courses are independent, online courses that students complete throughout their provided school time.” In a run through pilot last semester, ten students fully completed the ACT Data Structures Course.

     In addition to these STEM courses, Yoga was added to Fenwick’s course catalog this year. Yoga is offered as a P.E credit course, providing students with a new way (aside from the standard gym class) to fulfill their P.E requirement. Ms. Capito will be leading this class and stretching our Friars into a new and exciting experience. She aims to highlight how yoga can provide students with tools to manage stress and anxiety, keeping them physically and mentally healthy. Ms. Capito explained that yoga is a great way to start the day and to stay fit in the midst of sport cancellations and limitations. This course aims to provide students with a solid foundation of cultivating mindfulness, while also teaching students new poses and stretches that will improve overall fexibility and core strength.

     “Yoga is a great way to get in tune with yourself; it promotes flexibility in both your mind and body,” Ms. Capito said. Her favorite poses include the “triangle pose,” a standing pose that is “grounding, yet energetic and open.” Ms. Capito hopes that Yoga will help students learn to manage stress and anxiety more effectively.