Friars Adjust to E-Learning

COVID-19, or the “coronavirus” as it’s better known, has taken Fenwick and the world by storm. There are currently over 700,000 confirmed cases in the United States. All schools in Illinois have been closed to prevent the spread of the disease, and it has impacted the Fenwick community in many different ways, including a transition to e-learning for the rest of the semester.

For Mrs. Hasenbeck-Meyer, a freshmen Theology and German teacher, the virus had an unexpected effect. Her husband, who works at a hospital in the city, was sent home to be quarantined but ultimately tested negative for the coronavirus. Through this whole experience, she has still been regularly posting lessons and assignments for all of her classes. 

E-learning has been a new experience for both students and teachers. School has switched from in-class learning to online study, including Zoom lectures and online assessments. Some students prefer this change, saying it provides a calmer atmosphere for schooling and that they can learn at their own pace. For others, however, this is not a happy time. Some students who need more time and in-person attention for their education feel that learning remotely is more challenging than learning at school. With limited time to ask questions, no face-to-face time in classrooms, and only online lectures, it can be difficult for some students to stay on task. 

Though there have been many changes, Fenwick faculty members are determined to keep students’ morale high. The teachers all participated in a video expressing how much they miss the students and school. Though we will not be able to resume classes in-person this semester, Fenwick has proven it can come together as a community. Stay up, Friars!