Twenty Percent of Student Body Registers for “Read for a Lifetime”

Not all students read for fun outside of school-required texts for homework. But what if there was a program that encouraged students to step out of that mentality and that encouraged them to read outside of school? “Read for a Lifetime” is a program that does just that. As Fenwick students participate in the program for the first time, over twenty percent of the student body is registered for this recreational reading initiative. 

“Read for a Lifetime” is a program sponsored by Illinois librarians where students read recreationally throughout the school year. Ms. Tichacek has modified the program so that there are more incentives for participating. Students are required to read four books and answer a survey by the beginning of April. The books cover a wide range of genres and time periods. School librarian Judi Tichacek explains the purpose of the program at Fenwick stating, “We want Fenwick students to get back into the habit of reading for fun.” 

This year, there are 247 Fenwick students signed up for Read for a Lifetime. Fenwick students who participated have gotten to take part in a scavenger hunt and raffles, which are continuing until the end of the program. At the end of the year, these students will receive a pizza party and a certificate from the state of Illinois. 

In addition, Ms. Tichacek explains the benefits of reading itself, including increased vocabulary, reading fluency and new perspectives. As Ms. Tichacek says, “Reading is an activity that can inspire you; we want our students to experience that for themselves.”