Room 57 Converted to STEM Lab

    Over the summer, Fenwick underwent many changes, one of the most major being the newly revamped room 57 in the west wing. Over the summer, room 57 was entirely reworked to become Fenwick’s very own STEM lab, complete with six 3D printers, a Clevertouch board and four TV displays. All four TV displays are connected to mirror what is shown on the Clevertouch board and are positioned around the room for the convenience of students. In addition to the new technology, room 57 has had changes to its carpeting, desks and classroom layout, “Giving the room a more high-tech feel” according to new teacher Mr. Nelson.

      Overall, the new design of room 57 follows the new educational trends that aim to give students more collaborative and comfortable environments. The room not only feels newer, but the way the desks are set up–combined with the efficient use of the new technology–allows students to experience a unique learning atmosphere like no other at Fenwick.

      When asked about his thoughts on how this will change learning for students, junior Logan Maue said that “‘The room is more open and conducive to hands on activity,’” giving students a truly immersive experience in the STEM lab. To further the extent of student immersion in the room, the desks are arranged into four groups, and each table has access to one of the four TV displays on the walls.

      Having the room set up in this way encourages group work among the tables, and as Mr. Nelson described, “‘allows students to experience a collaborative environment evident in high tech firms.”

      With all of these new design features, the STEM lab will now be an ideal environment for classes including physics and computer science, as well as the Robotics Club, the Computer Club, and the Computer Aided Design class. The STEM lab is one of Fenwick’s ongoing efforts to give students innovative and unique opportunities in their learning careers.