Ms. Tichacek Brings New Ideas to Library

     ​Fenwick’s new librarian, Ms.Tichacek, is bringing a whole new world of ideas to the Fenwick library this year. From a new study collection, to a modern pop of color, our new librarian has some fun plans to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in which students can study.

     One of Ms Tichacek’s plans this year is to implement a comprehensive collection of standardized test prep materials that will be helpful to students taking the ACT’s and SAT’s. She hopes these extra materials will help give students a leg up in conquering standardized tests. 

     Ms. Tichacek wishes to further brighten up the library by incorporating student artwork to make the library more inviting to students. She would like to include an art section, where students can draw and color for relaxation, as Ms. Tichacek feels that art is a good stress-relieving activity for students. In addition, she intends to replace some signage and enhance the library’s book collection. 

     Ms. Tichacek will help host several upcoming events in the Fenwick library. One of these planned events is a meeting with Pulitzer Prize winner and alumnus Steven Twomey, who will be coming to the library this November to speak about his past journalism work. Additionally, Ms. Tichacek plans to run a new book club. The first meeting, scheduled for mid-October, will discuss the book All Rights Reserved.

     By bringing these plans for Fenwick’s library to life, Ms. Tichacek hopes to spark a love for reading and creativity in Fenwick students. Overall, Ms. Tichacek feels that her first priority is to get to know the Fenwick community. 

     When asked about her adjustment to Fenwick, Ms. Tichacek responded, “It really is just a learning experience for everyone right now, including myself. A learning experience is not only a way to get taught something and apply it to what you know, but it also has cognitive style, where you can impact what you want to learn in whatever way you’d like.”

      She considers herself open to students for any questions that they might have. Ms. Tichacek is excited to join the Fenwick community. With all of her new ideas afloat, Ms Tichacek hopes students will be popping into the library frequently.