Two Seniors Named College Board Hispanic Scholars

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Out of the nearly two hundred and fifty thousand Hispanic and Latino students who take the PSAT every year, five thousand are recognized by the National Hispanic Recognition Program (NHRP) through the college board. These students must have a GPA of over 3.5, have at least a quarter Hispanic/Latino origin, and, for the year of 2018, be among the top 2.5% of all test takers. Both Berwyn native Sophia Rodriguez and Wheaton native Jesus Rodriguez were awarded this year in recognition for this incredible academic merit.

Senior Sophia Rodriguez admits that she was not expecting to receive the award, and that, in fact, she remained unaware of its existence until she was asked to apply.

Rodriguez notes that “there is a lot of sentiment against minority groups in America right now,” and that the NHRP is doing a great thing by “recogniz[ing] Hispanic students who have made a real achievement.” Rodriguez reflects on the efforts that her grandparents once took toward ensuring their children and grandchildren an education following their immigration to America from Panama and Colombia. “I know they are proud of my achievements,” says Rodriguez.

The NHRP’s recognition of Sophia is especially meaningful because of her involvement with her grandparents Panamanian and Colombian traditions. In fact, her choice to study Spanish as a foreign language in high school was in efforts to grow closer to her relatives, many of whom speak the language. Though she is influenced by her heritage, Sophia is not defined by it, saying, “I do not like identifying people only by their ethnicity. I also consider myself an American.”

Though undecided on her choice of college, Sophia’s academic success will allow her to pursue her career of choice wherever she goes. She plans to major in either genetics or biochemistry, and to discover cures for genetic diseases as a genetic researcher.

Mr. Groom notes that over 15% of the Fenwick student body is comprised by Hispanic and Latino students. In recognition of these two exemplary members of that demographic, Groom reflects, “We are fortunate to enroll young men and women who possess incredible talent and who work to maximize those abilities. Fenwick’s faculty, staff and administration are extremely proud of Sophia and Jesus.”

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