A Curious Parking Garage Phenomenon

Every day students fill up the Fenwick parking garage. Many students arrive by 7:30 and at about 7:40 more than half of the garage is full. Although the garage fills up very quickly, students do not go into the school once they arrive. Instead, many students go to other cars, or stay in their cars- but why?

Why wait until 7:55? According to Junior Rose Fagiolo, “I think what definitely causes this is just a unanimous feeling of simply not wanting to go to school. A lot of students enjoy the comfort of their vehicles because of the heat and they can do whatever they please because it is their car. It is not like walking into school and having to follow any set rules — they can unwind with no restraints.” It can be seen that many students enjoy the comfort of their cars, they enjoy not having to follow rules but rather relax before a day full of learning. Junior Gabi Gigliogne says, “I just sit in my car to socialize, listen to music or just be on my phone before the school day begins.” Not only are students in their cars for comfort but to listen to music as well, and have a good beginning to their day. Students wait til 7:55 because they wish to socialize with friends that might not be in the same classes, listen to music to relax before the day begins, for the comfort of their cars, and some also study in their cars. Not many students like to sit in class before it is time to go into the building so they wait in their cars.

Vehicles to many students serve as a place of comfort where they can relax in peace. Once the bell rings it is a sign to start heading to class where students know they won’t be too early since it is a five minute passing period.