Seniors Reconnect on Kairos

     Kairos is a yearly trip for our seniors to spend time together and have some quality time. This is a time when new friendships are made that will last a lifetime. 

     We gained insights on Kairos when we discussed the retreat with senior Charlize Guerrero. When asked, “What does Kairos mean to the Class of 2022?”, she responded, “In light of the pandemic, I believe that Kairos is especially needed for the Class of 2022. Through e-learning and quarantine, many students were unable to truly bond and get to know each other during their junior year.” Guerrero explained how the pandemic has affected everyone, and Kairos is a way to start a new experience and bring back normal moments. 

     When we asked, “What do you think the seniors took out of Kairos that will help them in the future?” Guerrero explained that “Although we all walk out of Kairos with different viewpoints and different lessons learned, I think that there [are] some universal truths that everyone knows by the end of the retreat. Regardless of whether one enjoys Kairos or not, we all learn how to be more empathetic and understanding. We learn that everyone has a story to tell. We learn that we are not alone in our struggles. We learn that we are truly loved by so many. As seniors walk out of the retreat, I hope that they continue to use these lessons in their everyday lives. Kairos might encourage people to break out of their comfort zone, meet new people, or think twice before judging others.” 

     Kairos is a start for seniors to continue developing social skills and skills for thinking about the future. Lastly, we asked Guerrero, “What was your favorite part about Kairos?’’ She responded, “I love Kairos so much because of the friendships I made with my fellow retreatants and leaders. In June, I walked into Kairos barely knowing anyone and three days later, walked out with close friends that I know will last a lifetime. I had the true privilege of hearing my classmates’ stories. I believe that the friendships made at Kairos are so special because you know that you can trust them with your deepest secrets. Although Kairos may be over for some, I noticed that many retreatants continued to stay friends with their group and often turned to them in times of both happiness and doubt.” 

     It is clear that our seniors will continue to treasure their moments that they have had during their high school years.