Grandparents’ Day Brings Families Together

On October 10th, Fenwick students and their grandparents gathered in the auditorium for Grandparents’’ Day. On this day, students and grandparents share in a special mass, giving them the opportunity to grow closer to one another.

Grandparents’ Day is one of the most popular events held at Fenwick High School; it allows grandparents of Fenwick students to look around the school and see the place that their grandchildren spend almost every day. The Grandparents’ Day event was first held in the spring of 2014, and since then the event has been held 3 times, in November 2014, October 2017, and October 2018. The event is also set to be held again next year. Each year, about 300-500 students and their grandparents attend the event.

The first two events were spearheaded by the Fenwick Mother’s Club. This year, it was led and overseen by development/special events manager Marilyn Fritz. Mrs.Frisz states, “The Mother’s Club was the driving force behind the first two events, and it was very well received in our community as a chance to learn more about their grandchildren’s experiences here at Fenwick.”

At the event, Mass is given by Fr. Peddicord for the students and their grandparents, and afterwards lunch is served. In 2017 and 2018, the event was held after the PSAT test on October 10th. When the students are dismissed from the exam, they head down to the auditorium to meet their grandparents before the mass begins. A professional photographer is also available at the Grandparents Day event, and it is a great way for the grandparents to capture the moment with their grandchildren.

The effect this event has on student and grandparents’ lives is evident. Junior Sadie Briggs attended the event with her grandmothers. When asked how the event impacted her and her family she said, “Grandparents’ Day showed me the importance of having a good relationship with family. Family is extremely important in my life, and Grandparents’ Day stresses this importance.” Clearly, this event has impacted students and their families. When asked about the importance of the event, Fr. Peddicord says, “Grandparents love being apart of their grandchildren’s lives. They appreciate opportunities to be with their grandchildren and to see firsthand what they’re involved with.” Grandparents’ Day is a way for grandparents and grandchildren to grow closer to one another, and this experience is appreciated by many families.

The Grandparents’ Day event is a great way for the grandparents to get to know Fenwick and their grandchildren better, and it is an experience and memory that a grandparent and their grandchild will never forget. Fr. Peddicord says, “I’m always inspired when I see grandparents with their grandchildren. It reminds me of the importance of family, friendship, and faith.” Family relationships are crucial, and this event is an opportunity for students to understand the importance of family in their lives.